I am a Dutch photographic artist living and working in Bussum, The Netherlands.

After starting photography a few years ago, and devoting all my free time to photography, I developed my style & techniques of my camera and (post)-production, I give my own contemporary twist to photography. I have a strong preference for black and white, portraits, still lifes and surrealism (or just call me a bit weird).

I work intuïtively and I’m always looking for more than ‘just’ an image. From that feeling I start creating my artwork by using photos from my own digital library and some found footage, to make one of a kind artworks by printing, cutting, reworking, colouring by hand, layering and combining again and again. The end results are digital and paper collages, handmade prints on wood layered with beeswax, prints in vintage wooden boxes or frames.

Here I have also released work from my archives and it is printed in collaboration with a highly experienced studio near my hometown.

My work is very personal and I hope to engage you to project your own story, so the work will become yours. My interpretations are completely irrelevant.

With love,

Corina Bouweriks






  • Gup, New Dutch Photography Talent

  • Masterclass Photography, Nieuw Licht, Arnhem


  • Kiekie Fotokrant publicatie


  • Fotovakschool Amsterdam